Some video and audio recordings.


  1. Naturalism, pragmatism and representationalism. My Gottlob Frege Lectures, Tartu University, Estonia, 27—28 June 2016. Three philosophy lectures, plus a joint talk with Jaan Tallinn on our collaboration to establish CSER. [Videos]

  2. Wilfrid Sellars Meets Cambridge Pragmatism. Talk at Sellars in a New Generation, Kent State University, Ohio, 30 April—2 May, 2015.  [Video]

  3. Causation in the Quantum WorldA New Case for the Paris Option? Talk at Causation: New Prospects conference, Collège de France, Paris, 5—6 December 2013.  [Video|PDF of accompanying slides]

  4. Expressivism for Three Voices. Talk at Sellars Centenary Conference, Dublin, 6—8 June 2012.  [Video|PDF of accompanying slides]

  5. 'Here' is the Tip of the Iceberg. A talk at Cambridge Pragmatism: a Research Workshop, Trinity College, Cambridge, 31 May — 1 June 2012.  [Video and audio in various formats|PDF of accompanying slides]

  6. Retrocausality — What would it take? A talk at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, at LMU Munich, December 2011. [Video on YouTube|Earlier version as Plenary Lecture at CLMPS, Nancy, July 2011|Slides of CLMPS version]

  7. Time's Arrow and Eddington's Challenge. A contribution to a symposium at Setting Time Aright, an FQXi conference, Copenhagen, 2011. [Video on Youtube]

  8. Panel discussion with Richard Easther, Andreas Albrecht and Craig Callender at the Setting Time Aright conference. [Video on Youtube]

  9. 'Is Time Fundamental?', 'What is Causation?', 'What is Time?' Three interview segments on Closer to Truth, recorded at sea during Setting Time Aright, 2011. [One segment now available in context here.]

  10. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Thoughts about actions in an Everett World (2007) and Toy Models for Retrocausality (2008). Two talks at conferences at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada. [Video on PIRSA]

  11. Brandom and Hume on the Genealogy of Modals. A commentary on Lecture IV of Bob Brandom's John Locke Lectures, at their repeat screening in Prague, 2007. [Video of Brandom's lecture, my commentary, and general discussion.]


  1. Anticipating the Rise of the Machine. ABC Radio National, The Philosopher's Zone, October 2014. [Audio]

  2. Where Would We Be Without Counterfactuals? Inaugural Lecture at the University of Cambridge, 1 November 2012. [Audio|Text|Slides with audio on YouTube]

  3. Backward Causation. Podcast on Philosophy Bites, July 2012. [Audio]

  4. The Philosophy of the Quantum Spook. ABC Radio National, The Philosopher's Zone, May 2009. [Audio and transcript]

  5. Truth. A talk for a Key Concepts lecture series at the University of Sydney, 2006. [Audio and slides at the University of Sydney|Audio on Youtube]

  6. Pragmatism, Expressivism and the Global Challenge.  A talk at a Centre for Time workshop in Sydney, October 2005. [Audio|Slides|Pirate audio on Youtube]

    Audio recordings of many other presentations from Centre for Time research meetings, including several by me, are available here.

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